Double Exposure – Gianni Vancini and Alessandro Pivetti

A duo concert to rediscover an instrument and his repertoire – the saxophone – always present in both worlds, classical and jazz. Great composers that were able to combine two different worlds that could seem different, but only in surface. Saxophone mixed with the piano, for a classical and jazz meeting. A music journey long more than a century, going from Paul Bonneau, Phil Woods and Astor Piazzola, to some original pieces from Pivetti and Vancini.

Lens II

Lens II is a piece written for Francesco Dillon cello’s class in Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, Florence. It’s a Cello Trio with the use of live electronics (grains technique and spatialization). Contemporary techniques and timbral research are used to create a musical form able to explore what is inside a single sound, what inhabit the musical matter.

La grande fabbrica delle parole

Parole e musica per raccontare.

Simone Maretti, voce.

Alessandro Pivetti, piano.

di Agnès de Lestrade e Valeria Docampo. 

Traduzione italiana a cura di R. Dalla Rosa.