October 1999– July 2008

M.A. in Music Composition at the G.B. Martini Conservatory of Bologna (Italy)

October 1997 – July 2006

M.A. in Piano Performance at the G.B. Martini Conservatory fo Bologna (Italy). 

September 2000 – September 2004

Bachelor in Theology. Thesis in History of Theology: “The Oratorium Chrisus by F. Liszt: a theology in music” at Theologic Faculty of Emilia Romagna (Bologna).

September 1991 – July 1996 

Secondary School diploma: Scientific certificate.

Music professional experience 

In July 2005 he was selected as a participant in the international course of the A.C.D.A – Achantes association in Paris, for the execution of his work “Sentieri interrotti” by the Arditti string quartet. 

He composed music for the cello class of Francesco Dillon (Prometheus quartet) at the music school of Fiesole (FI) and for the flute class of Antonio Politano at the conservatory of Lausanne (CH). He composed original music for the Musica Aperta (Milan), EXITIME (DAMS Bologna), CIMES (University of Bologna), FestivalAperto (Teatro Valli, Reggio Emilia)

As accompanist on the piano and children’s choir teacher he took part to the realization of Berlioz’s “Te Deum” with the Orchestra Mozart, Orchestra Cherubini and Orchestra Giovanile Italiana conducted by Maestro Claudio Abbado in Bologna in October 2008.

Since 2009 he has worked as a musician and composer of the music of the performances of the Teatro dei Venti in Modena (Il tempo dei migranti, 2010; Quotidiano Scadere, 2011; InCertiCorpi, 2014; Moby Dick 2019; Padri e Figli, 2020)). He made the soundtrack of some documentaries for the broadcast Il Cantiere on national RAI Radio3. For over 10 years he has been performing, in continuous and constant growth, as an improviser on the piano.

Since 2015 he is orchestral arranger of the Pavarotti Foundation in Modena


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