As a child I dreamed of being a classical pianist, as a teenager I found myself playing in a rock band. At my piano diploma I played Beethoven like Mick Jagger.

I attended an amazing jazz pianist in one of the worst bars in Caracas and I decided to enroll in composition in order to finally understand something in all those chords and harmony. I composed such a orchestral piece for the final test of the composition M.A. (after ten years of insane study) that we hardly understand anything.

In the meantime, I love playing sixteenth-century organs in a church and directing a polyphonic choir while writing music for contemporary art festivals, documentaries and for research theater. Now I am an orchestral arranger because I have found that arranging is the thing that suits me best.

I tell everyone that music is wonderful and that “there is music and music” and also that music can say what we will never be able to express. I try to say it with my words in the form of lessons and storytelling but I try to say it also with my music.

What people say

The truth is that true music is never ‘difficult’. This is only a term that acts as a screen, which is used to hide the poverty of bad music.

Claude Debussy

Music has great power: it brings you back the moment it brings you forward, so that you feel nostalgia and hope at the same time.

NIck Hornby

Music also plays dry wood and donkey skin. And it makes palpable the subtle bonds between spirit, bodies, things, which we never tire of looking for.

Pierangelo Sequeri

Let’s build something together.